Stolen Land Cruiser Hits 30 Other Vehicles In Sydney, Australia

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If you’re under the assumption the crime wave that’s been sweeping the US and Canada is contained just to North America, that’s sadly not even close to true. Similar rises in crime have occurred in other countries around the world, including Australia where a chase involving a stolen Toyota Land Cruiser ended after it crashed into 30 other vehicles.

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That sounds crazy because it is. Usually when a vehicle crashes into that many cars at once it’s a semi-truck. What’s even more bizarre is the crash happened in the Sydney area after a man and three teens led police on a 1,000 km (that’s about 621 miles) chase starting at Sunshine Coast.

The chase, which went down on the evening of November 16, started when police spotted the SUV driving recklessly, reports The Guardian. Criminals seem to not realize that when you’re in a stolen vehicle the worst thing you can do is anything that makes you stand out.

After failing to pull over as directed by police, the chase went on and on and on. During the chase, the Land Cruiser hit about 30 cars, both ones that were sitting still and others that were actively being driven, spreading chaos pretty much everywhere it went.

What we don’t understand is why police didn’t spike the tires or perform a PIT maneuver on the Toyota? Are those just not allowed in Australia anymore? For the chase to go on for so long, it almost sounds like police just followed behind and watched the carnage unfold, which is weird.

Once the battered and stolen Land Cruiser finally came to a rest, all four occupants jumped out and ran away on foot. However, police apprehended the suspects: a 22-year-old man, 17-year-old boy, 16-year-old girl, and 12-year-old boy. The SUV was reported stolen on November 15.

According to 9 News Australia, the Land Cruiser belongs to the parents of the 12-year-old who took it without permission.

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