Ford Wants To Track Every Step You Take

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Road fatalities have become a huge focus for the government lately now that the hand-wringing about covid seems pretty much over. We saw this one coming, but for a lot of people this is a bit of a shock or they’re still not noticing, but soon they will what with breathalyzers coming to new cars soon. All kinds of intrusions on your personal freedom are coming and it’s going to be worth it, even if it saves just one life.

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Ford seems pretty eager to jump on this bandwagon, mostly because the automaker has been scheming for years on how to expand beyond just selling cars. It’s been trying to get people to download different apps onto their phones to help them get around on foot, by bicycle, skateboard, or whatever. Well, it’s new plan is to offer a tracking software which will warn onboard systems on newer cars to not hit you while you’re crossing the street.

That’s right, this technology will supposedly do what all the fancy sensors and cameras you’ve been shelling out big time for on new cars do. Plenty of tests have shown all that advanced tech doesn’t work perfectly, but if you download an app to your smartphone which tracks every step you take, it just might mean a driver won’t plow you down.

No doubt, a lot of people will flock to this technology because they’re deathly afraid of anything which can hurt them. While it’s tragic that pedestrians are hit by drivers who simply don’t see them, the intrusion of privacy seems like a much larger concern.

Don’t worry, for now this tech hasn’t been deployed. Ford is working with Commsignia, PSS, Ohio State University, T-Mobile, and Tome Software to develop an “affordable” app for the public. So on top of it all, you’re going to pay Ford to track everywhere you go – what a deal!

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