Someone Stole Fast Meat

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We’ve covered a lot of shocking car theft stories, but this one involving Fast Meat is by far one of the most devastating. The alleged crime was committed in Los Angeles County and the culprits have yet to be caught, but we hope they face serious consequences for desecrating an American cultural icon.

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That’s right, the Slim Jim Nissan Z, nicknamed Fast Meat for obvious reasons, was reportedly swiped by some scofflaws in the Los Angeles area. The real kicker is the fact this Japanese sports car, which wears a Slim Jim wrap to advertise the salty meat snack, has traveled all over the country unmolested in partnership with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Really, it shouldn’t be shocking that the sports car was stolen in LA. While other cities would’ve been prime candidates for that kind of opportunistic behavior, the fact that many car thieves get a slap on the wrist in Los Angeles County seems to have only encouraged thefts.

As reported by local news station KTLA, Fast Meat was in the area for a video shoot but was stolen, or so the company says. The theft reportedly happened on December 13 and Conagra, which is Slim Jim’s parent company, got the word out through the Los Angeles Regional Crime Stoppers. Still, there appears to be some question about the true status of the Nissan Z.

Not only does Fast Meat feature a Slim Jim wrap, it also has an underglow kit for that extra panache. Plus, there’s a Slim Jim dispenser in the car and a Slim Jim holder, you know, just in case.

The reason some people don’t buy that Fast Meat was really boosted by some thieves is that Slim Jim has a reputation for pulling all kinds of stunts. In other words this might just be a ploy for publicity, so naturally here we are giving it to them. If that’s the strategy, hats off to the marketing team, even though the company told KTLA that isn’t what’s going on.

Seriously, if you see a Slim Jim Nissan Z around Southern California or in Dubai, contact the authorities.

Image via Slim Jim

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