Mustang Blacks Out To Lose The Cops

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Poor Ford Mustang enthusiasts are the butt of many jokes on the internet and even in real life. It doesn’t help that there’s an abundance of videos featuring the pony cars wrecking out gloriously, oftentimes while leaving car meets and sadly plowing into crowds of pedestrians. However, we’ve found a competent Mustang driver in Arkansas. The only problem is he’s running from a state trooper while blacking out, so he’s not exactly role model material.

Watch a white Dodge Charger try blacking out to lose police here.

The incident in question went down back on the night of August 31 when the ASP trooper noticed the speeding Mustang traveling the opposite direction. By the time he swung around, the trooper was trailing far behind the muscle car but was able to close the gap some.

At the same time, we see the suspect has used the cover of darkness to his advantage, switching off the lights on his vehicle, which thankfully is dark red and not some standout color like white or yellow. We’ve seen far too many people not understand that blacking out in a light-colored car doesn’t do much good.

We do have to mention, lest anyone think otherwise, that not only is running from the police a bad idea, blacking out while doing it is incredibly dangerous. Not only do your lights help other drivers to see and not hit you, it can be difficult to see the road ahead with your lights shut off. This guy is taking a real risk to get out of a ticket.

Most likely, the driver has warrants or some other reason to fear pulling over for a simple infraction like speeding. While speeding tickets are no fun to deal with, they’re not worth risking your life to avoid.

This suspect is able to slip away once, but the determined trooper tracks him down only for him to disappear into the darkness a second time. Don’t try this at home, kids.

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