Arkansas Trooper PITs The Wrong Car

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A high-speed pursuit of two fleeing cars in Arkansas recently resulted in a state trooper pitting the wrong vehicle. Instead of chasing down a white Chrysler 300 which was leading police on the chase, the trooper went after a white Cadillac, performing a hard PIT before he and others ordered the innocent, confused occupants out of the vehicle at gunpoint.

Watch a Camaro absolutely smoke an Arkansas trooper here.

The whole thing was caught on dashcam, which we’ve shared for your own viewing. You can clearly see the fleeing Chrysler that blasts past Arkansas State Police Cpl. Thomas Hubbard at the beginning of the footage. How he locks onto a different car is beyond us.

Image via ASP

As he chases down taillights in the dark, we’re not sure how Hubbard confused a Chrysler with a Cadillac. After all, their taillights and rear fascias looks completely different. But he sees a white sedan and locks on like a Pitbull, ready to bring them down without question.

What’s more, the Cadillac was in a line of cars that pulled over and slowed down once they saw the approaching ASP cruiser. Perhaps Hubbard thought the suspects were pulling some sneaky maneuver, which does happen. But how does anyone confuse a Cadillac for a Chrysler?

We’re sure the incident was more than scary for the innocent people in that Cadillac. We also expect there to be a rather large cash settlement with the victims of sloppy police work.

Image via ASP

According to WREG, Hubbard has since resigned from ASP. Before he submitted his letter of retirement, he was placed on leave while an internal review into the incident was conducted. Obviously, the wrongful PIT is an embarrassment to the law enforcement agency many like to criticize for being heavy-handed, especially in rare incidents like this where they get the wrong vehicle.

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