Street Takeover Dorks Torch C7 Corvette

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Some people just want to watch the world burn. We’ve been warning that street takeovers, which so many have characterized as just harmless fun as kids blow off some steam, weren’t about cars but instead are more about destruction and chaos. More examples are emerging to prove us right, like this C7 Corvette getting torched at a street takeover in the Los Angeles, California area on January 19.

An organizer of street takeovers has been slapped with felony vandalism charges.

The footage, which we’ve included, could be disturbing to enthusiasts since these punk kids are destroying a performance machine many would pay good money to own and drive. Instead, these little criminals laugh while pouring more gasoline on the fire like it’s all just one big game.

People are thankfully realizing the Corvette was likely stolen. We keep trying to tell people a good portion, perhaps even the majority, of cars participating in street takeovers are in fact stolen. That’s why the drivers absolutely thrash them because they can just steal another one instead of having to dig out the cash for repairs.

It’s really funny and cute to take other people’s property so your friends can take TikTok videos of you destroying it in public while the police do little to stop you. Even if these kids were arrested, there’s a good chance a prosecutor would go soft on them, if not the judge. After all, they’re victims of society or something.

In the meantime, a recent Bloomberg analysis found car insurance over the past year rose 20% nationwide. While street takeovers aren’t the singular reason for that, they sure aren’t helping keep your insurance rates down. When lawlessness like this goes unchecked, it only spreads and it’s regular citizens who end up paying the ultimate price for the lack of enforcement.

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