C7 Corvette Z06 Driver Goads Cop, Gets Killed

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The driver of a C7 Corvette Z06 is dead after he allegedly goaded a deputy on the highway and led law enforcement in Coweta County, Georgia on a high-speed chase. That might sound crazy because it is, but in the end not only did the suspect die, a deputy was put in the hospital and a K9 was shot through and through, leaving a deadly crime scene the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is processing.

Watch a felon in a Jeep Grand Cherokee give Georgia police a run for their money.

According to reports, authorities say 27-year-old Anthony Richard Fields II pulled behind a Coweta County deputy and revved his C7 Z06 Corvette’s engine a few times before dropping the hammer and blasting past the cruiser on I-85 on August 26.

That, of course, led to a pursuit with speeds reaching upwards of 120 mph. Honestly, that’s not fast for a car Fields was driving. Still, he was able to keep ahead of deputies and other cops as they swarmed the area, at one point going into a subdivision.

However, shortly after leaving that subdivision Fields crashed his sports car into a deputy’s vehicle and from the sounds of reports, it was disabled. After Fields got out of the Corvette, a K9 was deployed to subdue him. Yet authorities say he pointed a gun at them, so deputies opened fire, killing him.

It isn’t clear if Fields squeezed off a single round or not. However, in the commotion, a K9 named Kilo was shot through and through. Thankfully the dog didn’t die and is currently recovering. The deputy who was injured in the crash also received medical attention and is expected to recover.

Since we cover a number of police chases, we often hear from people that law enforcement is too brutal when stopping fleeing suspects. Situations like this show how these situations can turn from simple fleeing into deadly violence with no warning, so it’s really no wonder cops are on edge during them. Also, pointing a gun at police is just asking to be shot.

This is why we tell people never to run and instead to just pull over and take whatever consequences are coming. If you feel the police aren’t being fair, it’s better to fight through legal channels than to channel your inner Steve McQueen.

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