Motorcyclist Runs From Police, Slams Into Restaurant

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We honestly don’t understand why people run from police. Obviously they think they’re going to get away and that fills them with excitement, but the risk anyone takes when running from cops is so high, we don’t think it’s worth it. But people keep doing it, like this motorcyclist in Miami Beach, Florida.

This is the big weakness of the modern Dodge Charger muscle car.

Allegedly, the plates on the bike were stolen, which might explain why an officer on foot approaches while the suspect is idling at a red light. The rider, identified as Jose Luis Otero, tells the cop he has a license when asked even though later he reportedly was revealed to not. That could explain why he’s wide-eyed like a cornered kid.

Realizing the officer isn’t going to give up, Otero shuts off the motorcycle but at least appears unable to push it to the curb. He tells the cop he’s going to fire it up and just ride to the curb, but instead he starts twisting that throttle and takes off. Before he even turns on the engine, the officer warns Otero that if he tries running “I’m just going to pull you off the bike.”

Thing is the officer wasn’t quick enough and Otero shot between two cars. But his rapid movements were a little too sloppy and he ended up on the sidewalk, crashing into the patio area of a somewhat busy restaurant. Several people were reportedly injured. You can hear glass shattering on his impact. It could’ve been so much worse.

It’s amazing to us how many times people who don’t want to face the consequences of their actions, like failing to maintain a valid driver’s license or appear in court when ordered, put countless other lives in danger. They do property damage, force police into difficult situations where they might be blamed for the outcome, and just in general act like entitled individuals.

Like in this case, the they often make their already bad situation worse. Running from the cops is never the answer, yet so many think it’s the shortcut to success. Instead, it’s a symptom of the bad life decisions they’ve made that have led up to that moment.

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