Police Sound The Warning About Ford Bronco Theft

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We’ve been hearing rumblings about car thieves specifically targeting a supposed security weakness in the new Ford Broncos. But now a police department in Ontario is full-on sounding the alarm about the off-road rigs being targeted by thieves.

Watch Ohio police arrest 8-year-old for car theft.

The Barrie Police Service issued a press release not too long ago about a rash of Ford F-150 thefts in the area. Multiple trucks had been stolen from driveways on the same night, the trend continuing. Now police believe those thieves are turning their sights on Broncos.

It was only a matter of time. After all, anytime a vehicle becomes popular with consumers, thieves aren’t too far behind. While Dodges and Rams undoubtedly will still be popular with those who have sticky fingers, it sadly is looking like Broncos will be joining them.

Police in Barrie say they believe these thieves are cloning keys for the Fords, something we’ve seen commonly used in the past for a variety of brands. A good way to guard against this type of attack is to buy and faithfully use a Faraday cage or pouch whenever you’re not using your keys. This blocks the signal, stopping thieves from capturing it and cloning your key fob.

Another wise move is to park inside a secured garage at night, if possible. We know with pickups that usually isn’t realistic, but if you can park behind a locked gate that helps. It’s also not a bad idea to look at aftermarket ignition locks and alarms, as well as vehicle trackers. Having good security cameras up could help you know if someone is trying to steal your ride and give police evidence if it is taken.

Remember, whether you have a Bronco or anything else, there’s someone out there willing to try stealing your vehicle. If you make it harder to take, most thieves will give up and try stealing something else.

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