Watch A Police Officer Get Arrested For DUI By His Colleague

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While we applaud the efforts of police to keep everyone safe and preserve the law and order of society, we also fully recognized that cops aren’t perfect. Nobody is and while some mistakes made by law enforcement officers are small and rather inconsequential, sometimes they screw up in a huge way. This footage of New Mexico State Police arresting one of their own for allegedly driving while intoxicated is a prime example.

Watch a judge get arrested after crashing his car while intoxicated.

The incident in question took place on December 3, 2023 with the dashcam and bodycam footage only recently being released to the public. It shows the whole thing starting with an officer clocking a Ram pickup going 90 mph in a 65 mph zone on Interstate 40 through Albuquerque.

Like we’ve seen in so many DUI stop cases, the driver has bloodshot eyes and seems to be a little off. The state officer said he could smell alcohol on the driver’s breath, which we know isn’t dead to rights evidence, but it does fuel suspicion.

After getting the driver out of the truck, the suspect tells the officer he’s only had one beer to drink. In DUI arrest footage we’ve noticed people either say that or that they’ve had absolutely nothing to drink, a detail we find curious.

As the off-duty officer was questioned and put through field sobriety tests he didn’t put up a fuss, didn’t try to play the cop card, and was quite compliant. Some even feel he excelled on the tests. However, after being arrested the off-duty state police officer refused to provide a breath sample. Make of that whatever you will.

Some will say it’s impressive New Mexico State Police wouldn’t just cut one of their own loose, losing the paperwork and sweeping this whole thing under the rug.

Ultimately, he was charged with DWI, speeding, no proof of insurance, and not being in possession of a driver’s license. We imagine this case is still ongoing, so remember that none of this indicates he was in fact intoxicated or too intoxicated to legally be driving.

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