Ex-Sheriff Noel Faces Court on Theft, Tax Charges; Used Funds To Start Muscle Car Collection

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Former Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel and his wife, Misty Noel, are set to appear in court on multiple charges of theft and tax evasion. This adds to the existing 15 counts of theft, corruption, ghost employment, official misconduct, and obstruction of justice that Noel already faces. The charges are a result of an ongoing corruption investigation led by the Indiana State Police.

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Investigators allege that Noel misused his position by employing county staff for personal work on his property and selling public vehicles to employees at discounted rates. Moreover, he is suspected of incurring over $5 million in personal expenses on a credit card belonging to various southern Indiana fire and EMS departments under his control.

Among the items Noel is accused of improperly purchasing are over 100 vehicles, including public safety vehicles, a 1930 Ford Roadster, pickup trucks, luxury cars, and two classic 1970s Plymouth Road Runners. Notably, one of these Road Runners prominently featured a Noel campaign sticker on its rear window. Additionally, a classic black-and-white Plymouth police car was found bearing a “Noel for Sheriff” logo, ironically alongside the phrase “To protect and serve.”

Approximately three dozen of these vehicles, now covered and cordoned off with crime scene tape, are currently secured at the ISP District 52 Post in Indianapolis, pending further investigation.

The investigation also uncovered that Noel acquired several military surplus items and managed a sheriff’s air fleet. He is further accused of using taxpayer-funded fuel for his private airplane.

Noel has entered a plea of not guilty to all charges brought against him by a special prosecutor.

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