California Drivers Dodge Toppling Semi-Truck Amid 60-MPH Winds

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In a display of nature’s force, drivers on a California interstate were forced into evasive maneuvers as a semi-truck was toppled by intense winds reaching speeds of 60 mph, part of the atmospheric river storm that hit the region this week. The incident, captured on video by Mahlon Barklow in West Sacramento, showcases the truck’s dramatic fall and subsequent skid across the roadway, narrowly avoiding collision with other vehicles.

The footage, now circulating widely, underscores the perilous conditions faced by motorists during the storm. Witnesses to the incident were quick to rush to the aid of the semi-truck’s driver following the crash. The condition of the driver, while not immediately clear, has sparked concern, with local media reports citing the California Highway Patrol’s log, which noted several vehicles were affected by the strong winds.

Image Via Storyful
Image Via Storyful

The atmospheric river storm, described as deadly, has brought significant wind gusts across Sacramento County, particularly near the site of the crash. The National Weather Service reported gusts surpassing 60 mph, confirming the challenging conditions faced by drivers on that day.

Credit: Storyful

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