Don’t Run From The Cops In A Nissan Sentra

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Not that we like giving tips to those who plan on breaking the law, but we think it’s obvious that if you want to run from the cops you need a fast car. Of course it helps if you also have solid driving skills, something many criminals lack, but trying to run from police in a Nissan Sentra definitely adds to your poor life decisions.

Watch Florida police absolutely swarm a fleeing Hyundai here.

Some guy found this out the hard way when he fake stopped for Florida Highway Patrol while behind the wheel of a Sentra. He did the whole sneaky-sneaky thing where he took off once the trooper stepped out of his patrol vehicle, like nobody has done that sort of thing ever before.

However, he didn’t calculate for two things. The first, and most obvious, was that his four-cylinder gerbil car was engineered for cheapness and fuel sipping propriety, while police cruisers are usually designed for high-speed pursuits. That right there puts him at a disadvantage, even with his ultra-sneaky trick every dumb criminal pulls.

The second thing he didn’t take into account was that a second trooper was sitting at the gas station where he was pulled over, so that guy was ready to go when he took off from the traffic stop. As you’ll see in the video, him getting chased down by the FHP Ford Explorer Pursuit was like watching a baby lamb try to run from an adult lion.

It’s not like we think these Ford Explorer police vehicles are particularly fast, because they aren’t. Put one up against a Dodge Charger Scat Pack, let alone a Hellcat, and they’ll get absolutely smoked in the most embarrassing way. Even a fair number of fairly pedestrian cars can outrun them. But a Nissan Sentra isn’t quick in any way. People who think they are either have too much emotion invested into theirs or haven’t driven many other cars in their short life. Either way, they’re welcome to try running from cops in theirs to prove us wrong, just make sure to get us the dashcam footage so we can laugh at them too.

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