Watch New England Police Rescue Girl Ditched In A Burning, Crashed Stolen Car

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Dramatic bodycam footage just released by police in Springfield, Massachusetts shows the chaotic moment when a stolen car T-bones a police cruiser. The two young criminals in the front seats both bailed immediately, along with one girl in the backseat, almost like they have plenty of practice (something we see a lot) and take off on foot. While police were able to run the crybaby car thieves down, the shocking part was they left a second girl in the backseat of the crashed stolen car, which immediately caught fire.

A federal employee was carjacked in Washington, D.C. and nobody seems to know about it.

Before the video starts the 19-year-old driver, Daniel Walker, reportedly ran over a police officer’s feet. He also injured the two officers in the cruiser and there’s some question about whether he intentionally rammed into them. That cruiser unsurprisingly was totaled, so taxpayers get to pick up the tab unless the court orders Walker to pay restitution.

Via Springfield Police Department

Thankfully, one of the injured officers spotted the girl in the backseat and insisted his colleagues get her out even though they believed the car was empty. Had it not been for that officer she might have burned alive. Good cops are true heroes.

When officers caught up with one of the teen boys, he cowered and begged “please, bro, please,” over and over. We see criminals who act like big tough guys while running from cops only to turn into pathetic, helpless victims once caught – they’re good at putting on acts. What’s truly scary is when they go from victim to ruthless aggressor once they see an opportunity to overpower and potentially kill someone. These kids are undoubtedly dangerous and are so adept at getting certain people to sympathize with and advocate for them.

Even today, people are absolutely captivated by the TV series Breaking Bad which tells the story of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher and perpetual loser who starts making meth so he can provide for his family as he struggles with terminal cancer. You’re made to feel sorry for the guy as he justifies ruining countless other lives to leave a nice nest egg for his wife and kids. However, as the series progresses it becomes obvious White is a narcissist of sorts who got into the meth business because it sounded exciting.

Via Springfield Police Department

That analogy is probably the best one for how we react when we see time and again people justifying crimes like car theft because “people are getting bread for their family.” On the surface it tugs at the heart strings and sounds justified. But if you really dig into the car theft problem, it quickly becomes obvious the kids and adults swiping cars are supremely selfish, not victims of their circumstance just trying to make it.  

Don’t forget that the crashed Kia in this case belonged to someone, maybe a single mom struggling to make ends meet. And with how rampant car theft is on some areas, cars like this can’t even get full coverage from certain insurance carriers these days, all thanks to kids stealing and crashing them for fun or a little cash to buy drugs. Those how can get coverage often pay through the nose for it, all thanks to rampant theft. These car thief kids are selfish, which is why they left their “friend” to burn alive in the backseat while they tried saving their own skin.

Via Springfield Police Department

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