When Brake Checking A Cop Backfires Badly

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Someone with what appears to be a new Chevy Silverado thought they could push an Arkansas trooper around. Instead, when this person leveraged the weight and size of the pickup, the trooper taught the suspect an important lesson in why you shouldn’t brake check people and also why you should just pull over when you’re caught speeding.

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The incident, which went down on August 23 at about 8:30 pm, started with the trooper clocking the Silverado going above the speed limit while in the left lane. This is the kind of situation so many of us have faced and one cops deal with all the time.

Instead of being a mature adult and just pulling over, taking the ticket, then either fighting it in court or paying the fine/doing traffic school this driver decided to teach the trooper a lesson. Maybe it was the illusion of the impervious nature of the new truck (it had temporary tags) or this guy is a hothead, we don’t know. Whatever it was, the situation ended badly for the Silverado driver.

At the beginning of the video, we see the trooper was driving in the right lane with a semi in the center lane, so the Silverado driver likely didn’t notice a cop was anywhere nearby. After a slower SUV exits the left lane into the center, the Chevy goes for it and the trooper notices, trailing him at about 90 mph before flipping on her lights.

It looks like the Silverado driver considered pulling over for a moment, then decided running would be better. What a dumb decision.

For a while the guy leaves his right signal on, then he flips on his hazard lights. Why do so many people who run from cops do this? Do they think with their hazards on police will just leave them alone? It’s weird.

After exiting the highway, the truck slows down and that’s when the suspect seems to think if he can’t outrun the trooper, he’ll make her crash by brake checking her. She tries to get into position for a PIT a few times and the suspect crowds her out.

From the ride height of the ASP vehicle it appears to be an SUV, so the Silverado might have a slight weight advantage, but the trooper has more training and thus better driving skills. When the trooper’s vehicle hits the truck, it’s the suspect who loses control and ends up careening into a field.

Next time, just pull over and take the ticket.

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