Guy Tries Running From The Cops On A Moped

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We talk a fair amount about what vehicles are good or bad to use when running from the cops, mostly because it’s painful to watch dumb criminals use some four-cylinder economy car for this purpose. While it’s great watching police catch criminals, the lower-speed chases simply aren’t as entertaining… usually. But this one involving a moped going about 30 mph is one of the best police chases we’ve seen in a while.

Watch a girl use a Toyota Prius to lead cops on a high-speed chase.

That said, we’re not telling anyone to try using their moped to run from the cops. We’re actually telling you to not to that because a moped makes for one of the worst getaway vehicles of all time, as you’re about to see. But also, this video is hilarious, so in a way we’re glad this dumb criminal showed us the follies of using a moped to try smoking the fuzz.

What makes this even more amazing is this guy tried running from Arkansas State Police on his moped. It’s a dumb move with any law enforcement agency, but ASP will straight up PIT you to the stratosphere without much hesitation.

He tries using the maneuverability of the moped against the cop. That would be a fine move if he were on something that could go above 35 mph, but he’s a far cry from a crotch rocket. Instead, he just pisses the trooper off as the dog in the back gets more and more excited about the possibility of chomping on a suspect (that’s foreshadowing).

The trooper is confused and finally concludes that the genius suspect is trying to run away. It’s like watching a little kid try to rebuild and engine with their plastic toy tools, something that’s simultaneously adorable yet pathetic if in fact you’re dealing with a supposed adult.

After following the suspect for a bit, the trooper gives that moped a nice love tap, sending the moped and rider toppling over the center divider. That’s when the suspect decides to show off his running skills. What he didn’t account for was no matter how fast he is, outrunning a fur missile isn’t going to happen.

Not shockingly, this guy had warrants and that’s probably why he didn’t stop. You should learn from his absolutely idiotic move and never use a moped to run from the cops.
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