Suspect With Two Kids In Camaro SS Runs From The Cops

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Running from the cops is a bad idea, but running from the cops with your kids in the backseat is an extra bad idea. A suspect in a Camaro SS did just that, trying to ditch an Arkansas State Police trooper, hitting 151 mph on the highway in the process.

Are automakers going to start asking you for a bailout?

The whole situation started when the Camaro blew right past the ASP trooper who was going on the opposite direction. Obviously the suspect realized he was busted for speeding, so he decided going even faster and trying to lose the trooper was the only sensible option.

Realizing the trooper is on him, the guy keeps exiting the highway and getting right back on. So many people who run from law enforcement keep doing the same tricks over and over as if they’ll suddenly work, probably because they’re panicking and realizing the cops are better at pursuits.

We’ve seen this trooper in action before and he has good wheel skills, which is why even though technically he might be outgunned he sticks with this Camaro SS as the suspect desperately tries to ditch him. Of course, people who don’t pull over when they see/hear the trooper add an extra wrinkle. Police departments should find a way to review pursuit footage and fine those people for not moving over.

The Camaro disappears but the trooper keeps going, driving excellently, and suddenly comes screaming up on the guy who probably thought he was in the clear. Realizing he’s done for, the guy slows down and starts driving on the median, so the trooper does a nice gentle PIT, bringing the chase to a close.

What’s heartbreaking is hearing the kids scream “daddy” as the suspect gets arrested. Children love their parents even when they do stupid stuff like put their lives at risk to run from the cops. Hopefully these kids choose a different path in life than their father instead of just demonizing law enforcement.

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