Suspect In Camaro Kidnaps Baby, Crashes Running From Police

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What a horrible situation!

In the afternoon of June 27, Seneca County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio received a call most law enforcement dread. Neighboring Wood County Sheriff’s Office alerted them that a male suspect in a yellow Camaro had kidnapped a 7-month-old baby from the area of North Baltimore and was possibly headed for Tiffin. That’s enough to get anyone’s heart going, particularly those in law enforcement who are parents.

A driver has been found guilty of causing a deadly crash while texting.

But the situation was even more dire, because the suspect reportedly was suicidal and homicidal, had a gun, plus claimed to have already killed the baby. Yeah, we know, someone who does such a thing ought to face a pretty severe punishment, and we’re sure deputies were feeling similarly as they were on the lookout for this guy.

An off-duty Tiffin police officer spotted him, which couldn’t have been hard considering a bright yellow Camaro sticks out like a sore thumb even in a dense metro area. Immediately, officers and deputies descended on the area as they hoped the infant was still alive.

When the suspect spotted a police car following him, he hit the accelerator, pushing the Camaro to high speeds while weaving around to ditch his tail. He lost control of the muscle car, sending it careening off the road and into a house at speed, crunching the front end like you see.

Breaking the back window, law enforcement was able to get the baby out of the car. Unfortunately, the child was bleeding and breathing shallowly before being transported via helicopter to a hospital.

Unfortunately, the suspect didn’t die in the crash. That might seem harsh, but we don’t take kindly to people hurting children. He had to be extricated from the Camaro, a process which no doubt was tense because the report the suspect was armed. Sure enough, police found a gun in the car and at least one shell casing, although it wasn’t clear when the bullet had been fired.

Sadly, the child has perished. Our hearts go out to the family. As for the kidnapper, he needs to face serious consequences.

Images via The Advertiser-Tribune

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