Dodge Charger Driver Tries Disappearing Into The Night

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A Dodge Charger driver in Arkansas thought blacking out when a state trooper started pursuing him was a good idea. The only problem was his Mopar is white and slow, so blacking out didn’t mean it just disappeared into the night. Also, he couldn’t outrun the trooper.

Even criminals can’t drive through roundabouts.

We’re not telling anyone to run from cops. In fact, don’t run from cops. But if you do and your car is white, it’s nighttime, and you think turning off your lights will make it so the pursuing law enforcement can’t see you, you’re like the toddler putting a blanket over his head to hide from his parents.

Also, this suspect doesn’t seem to understand that pushing on his brake pedal lights up that very distinct taillight configuration, which is like a giant neon sign telling the trooper exactly where he is. Criminals sure aren’t the brightest crayons in the box.

Something that’s interesting at the beginning of the video: the trooper is sitting blacked out on the side of the highway. Further down the road we can see police emergency lights flashing. Perhaps another trooper has pulled over a speeder, there’s a crash, something. Yet this guy in the Charger probably thinks since the cop is down the road some distance he can keep speeding.

Cops are sometimes like wolves; if you can see one there could be more you can’t see. At times law enforcement will do enforcement blitzes of certain areas. We don’t know if that’s the case here, but you’d be wise to keep this in mind.

Don’t be like this guy. If you get caught speeding, just pull over and take the ticket. Maybe you can go to court and get it dismissed or reduced. Maybe you do traffic school. But if you run from a cop, you’ll only be adding to your problems.

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