Florida Road Rage Ends With Man Shooting Pregnant Woman

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Road rage continues to be a serious problem from coast to coast. One of the most shocking recent examples comes out of Florida where a man opened fire on a pickup truck, hitting a woman pregnant with twins.

Watch a road rage driver PIT another car.

It happened in Manatee County on the afternoon of May 5. The aggressor, 50-year-old Vincent Steele, allegedly was weaving through traffic on Business U.S. 41 north in Palmetto in his BMW. When he caught up with the truck the victim was riding inside, he tried to pass using the merge lane, says Fox 13.

But Steele spun out onto the shoulder as he cut off the truck, his rear bumper striking the front bumper of the truck. That’s when the unnamed driver of the truck pulled over to see if Steele was okay.

An enraged Steele reportedly ran up to the passenger side and shot up the stationary truck, discharging seven rounds from his firearm.

The 36-year-old pregnant woman was hit three times in the lower torso. Now her and her unborn twins are fighting for their lives. If any of them die, Steele will be charged with murder. All this over someone being impatient about passing.

Thankfully, the driver, who is reportedly the pregnant woman’s fiancé, as well as a 9-year-old girl who was riding inside weren’t hit by the gunfire. But Steele is facing five counts of attempted murder.

Fox 13 says Steele’s daughter was present at his first court appearance, explaining that he’s a good man and was just picking up his sick wife from work. We’re not sure what that has to do with his actions, because good men don’t unload their firearm into a truck full of people just because they got in a crash.

People need to calm down on public roads and stop treating everyone else like they’re in the way. This entitlement by certain drivers needs to come to a close before more innocent lives are lost or altered forever.

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