Motorcycle YouTuber Explains Why He Fled Pennsylvania

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Sean Kerr, owner of SRK Cycles, is someone many YouTube viewers have gotten to know through his channel Bikes and Beards. Not only does he, along with mechanic Craig, get into all kinds of crazy hijinks involving motorcycles and their close siblings, the man is sure to share at least one insightful Bible passage per video, making him a standout in a crowded sea of motorcycle content producers.

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Recently, Kerr announced what some foresaw happening, that’s he’s moving from Pennsylvania. The first sign something was up came back in November 2021 when SRK Cycles, the dealership Kerr owns and has operated for years, suddenly closed.

While we got an explanation back then about what happened, what Kerr wasn’t ready to share entirely was how he told his employees he was wanting to leave the state but would keep his dealership running. Apparently, for whatever set of reasons they didn’t feel comfortable with that arrangement and decided to jump ship.

Perhaps they weren’t confident Kerr was truly invested in keeping his business long-term in the state. That’s understandable after hearing him talk about Pennsylvania and the direction it’s going. Like many business owners in states with high taxes and other non-business-friendly elements, the man has decided to seek greener pastures.

It’s also not surprising that he settled on Tennessee as a more business-friendly environment. Quite a few enterprises have pulled up stakes and settled in the Volunteer State, citing everything from more relaxed regulation to lower taxes as reasons for relocating.

For Kerr, the decision is even more personal. The man expresses in his explainer video the desire to have more space for his four kids, as well as the better weather.

Unfortunately, Craig isn’t relocating his family to Tennessee. Since he’s chosen to stay in Pennsylvania, he has his own YouTube channel now. The plan is to have the two collaborate, but only time will tell how often and on what level that happens. And that’s too bad because the two had good on-camera chemistry as they joked around and did crazy things.

One interesting development Kerr revealed is he’s liquidating some of his motorcycle collection before moving about 30 bikes and side by sides to Tennessee. He’s talking about doing an auction, so if you’re interested stay tuned to Bikes and Beards for upcoming details.

It takes guts and some serious faith to take a leap like this, so here’s to hoping Sean Kerr finds everything he desires in Tennessee.

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