California Asks EPA To Approve Gas Ban

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They’re going to move forward on this.

The California Air Resources Board (what we lovingly call CARB) has already signed off on a plan that bans new non-hybrid internal combustion engine vehicles from being sold within the state’s boundaries by 2035. Not content with that, California has asked for approval from the Biden Administration of this controversial plan, says Reuters.

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Of course, California is appealing to the EPA for support by asking for a waiver under the Clean Air Act to implement the decree. Under CARB’s plan, annual increases in emissions requirements for new vehicles sold in California would be implemented started in 2026, essentially forcing everyone to starting buying at minimum plug-in hybrids.

CARB has received other waivers in the past, so there’s definitely a precedent for this action. And it seems likely Biden’s EPA will grant it, considering how keen the administration has been on essentially forcing Americans into EVs in the near future.

What’s missing in the Reuters report is the acknowledgement there’s growing resentment nationwide over administrative law, or laws created by regulatory agencies thanks to vaguely written laws from Congress. Senator Mike Lee (R UT) has once again called for Congress to pass a law that requires it review all new regulations put in place by the EPA and other regulatory agencies.

However, this movement is unpopular among politicians who would rather leave the unpopular policy decisions to unelected bureaucrats. This has been done for some time, allowing both Democrats and Republicans to appear blameless as regulators crack down on private individuals and businesses.

With EV sales barely cracking 7% of the market in Q1 2023, much of the media has tried hard t spin that a majority of the population is on the verge of taking the plunge and getting an electric car. However, the Kelley Blue Book Brand Watch report has poured water on that narrative, clearly showing that shoppers are far more interested in hybrids and pure-electric vehicles. Various media outlets have tried spinning this by implying the interest in hybrids is in fact interest in EVs by simply using the broad term “electrified” which can include hybrids and EVs.

This move by California has encouraged and even obligated other states to follow suit, making more ICE bans across the nation a reality in just under 12 years.  

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