Kids Crash Stolen Hyundai Into Connecticut House

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This shocking incident represents a bigger problem.

A stolen Hyundai collided with the front porch steps of a house in Meriden, Connecticut on the afternoon of April 14, the three minors inside jumping out and fleeing on foot. The whole thing was captured on a doorbell camera, with local news outlets airing the footage to the shock of the public.

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Even though the teens fled the scene, police reportedly caught up with them later. In the footage, you can see the driver and kid sitting in the front passenger seat both take off in a hurry, hoods pulled over their heads to help prevent their identification. However, a third teen gets out of the backseat and slowly ambles away before finally breaking into a slower jog, almost like he didn’t think getting caught would be a big deal.

Perhaps that third teen has been through something like this before. We don’t know since police are keeping the minors’ identities hidden from the public. However, we’ve seen that attitude from car thieves in many parts of the country, especially those who are juveniles. They seem to know the legal system will give them a light punishment and they’ll be free to continue stealing cars.

Like many parts of the US, New Haven County is struggling with a surge in vehicle theft that’s fueled in part by social media tutorials. Kids upload videos teaching others how to steal Kias and Hyundais lacking engine immobilizers, something which only requires a simple tool and USB charging cable. It’s so easy, kids as young as 10 have been caught doing it.

We can’t confirm the Hyundai in the video is one of those without an engine immobilizer, but we can’t help but think it’s no coincidence the teens stole a Hyundai. It could’ve just as easily been a Kia. The problem of Kia and Hyundai theft seems to be exploding in many communities, making it an issue that can’t be ignored much longer.

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