Lamborghini Closes Out Aventador Production

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All good things must come to an end.

One thing Lamborghini has been known for is its roaring V12 engines. Along with the sharp geometric designs, those have been its calling card for decades, but as with all good things it comes to an end. That’s right, production of the Aventador has wrapped up and with it the V12 engine leaves the Lamborghini lineup, probably for good.

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The final car assembled with the V12 sitting behind the driver was an Aventador LP 780-4. With permanent all-wheel drive and 780-horsepower on tap, it’s a fitting swan song, yet we’re still sad to see both legends ride into the sunset.

Lamborghini first unveiled the Aventador to much fanfare at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Back then the debut model had 700-hp on tap and featured all-wheel drive. Critics tried to characterize the car as too technologically advanced, insulating the driver from the experience of wrangling the Italian bull with sheer strength. However, the Aventador has won over may critics in the past 11 years by serving up impressive performance coupled with a visceral symphony of noises.

Capitalizing on its success with enthusiasts and collectors, Lamborghini developed over 8 different model versions of the Aventador with another 10 one-off and limited editions. Production topped out at 11,465 units by the end of its run, a considerable number compared to its predecessors. Not only have enthusiasts absolutely loved the Aventador, so have reviewers, with the car racking up quite a few accolades. By all measures, it was a walk-off homerun for Lamborghini.

With so much success, the danger is whatever Lamborghini comes out with next will be judged harshly. After all, the bar has been set incredibly high. Previously, the Italian automaker has revealed as it moves toward total electrification, future models will be hybrids as a way to start bridging the gap. Hopefully the Aventador’s successor has a truly impressive powertrain and road dynamics, similar to the LaFerrari and 918 Spyder, otherwise the outrage could reach epic levels.

Photos via Lamborghini

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