Philadelphia Sets Carjacking Record

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Not something you would exactly brag about.

You might have heard crime is getting bad in Philadelphia these days and it is, including for carjackings. In fact, according to local journalist Steve Keeley, for the first time ever the City of Brotherly Love has racked up 1,000 carjackings in a year and there are still three months left in 2022. In other words, if you live in or visit Philly, you might want to take extra, extra precautions.

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Keely says that by the end of September 27 the official number of reported carjackings in the city was sitting at 1,005. The previous record was set last year, which isn’t a great sign, at 847. In other words, while 2021 was a horrible year for this violent crime, it’s shot up 118% and climbing.

To really put these numbers in perspective, Keely mentions that in 2019 there were only 225 carjackings in Philadelphia. Just what is going on in Philadelphia? Unsurprisingly, District Attorney Larry Krasner received a huge windfall of financial support from none other than George Soros who contributed almost $1.7 million to his bid for office in 2016. According to reporting from WHYY, that’s over 5 times what Krasner spent on his own campaign.

But wait, there’s more. The Philadelphia House panel has been debating whether it should impeach Krasner, hearing from Philadelphians who lost loved ones to violent crime which has been surging in the city. Many blame Krasner’s social justice-minded reforms for violent offenders being on the street instead of being incarcerated, the same thing we’ve seen in other cities with Soros-backed prosecutors.

One noteworthy thing about the information Keely shared was that 672 of the victims carjacked this year were sitting in their parked car. Despite what you might think, a parked vehicle makes you a sitting duck. Really, you should be spending as little time as possible in your car with the engine off, so if you want to avoid getting carjacked that’s a good habit to build.

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