Jay Leno Tells Us Who He Really Is, Again

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Why don’t more people actually listen to him?

It always amazes us to hear otherwise intelligent automotive enthusiasts go on and on about how Jay Leno is a gearhead just like the rest of us. Sure, the guy has an impressive collection of cars which he obviously loves, but that doesn’t mean he’s anything like the average enthusiast. Some people are catching on to this after he did an interview with Yahoo Finance, saying he considers electric vehicles to be “the savior of the classic car industry.”

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Big deal, some say, everyone just knows driving an ICE vehicle, even a classic, will be made illegal in the future. After all, it’s to save the planet, which we absolutely depend on. But we don’t think most gearheads agree with this flippant assessment of the future of the hobby or what’s necessary to sustain life on the planet.

For a man who’s worth a considerable sum, it’s easy to just say that one day all classic cars will need to be outfitted with electric motors. For him it would be a pain and maybe a little bit of an emotional struggle, but the man could swing such a transition easily. So why doesn’t he do it already? If he thinks EV powertrains are so necessary, why doesn’t Leno have all his mechanics yank the engines on each and every vehicle he owns, swapping them for electric motors and battery packs? Talk is cheap.

The fact of the matter is Leno is an elitist who’s so far out of touch with the common American. His political leanings have been laid bare many times, yet enthusiasts who definitely don’t see eye to eye with him are somehow blind to this. Jay Leno hosted a virtual fundraiser event for Joe Biden in July 2020.

In 2008 Leno was at the forefront of arguing for the federal government bailout of GM and Chrysler. When interviewed about his stance by Popular Mechanics, the comedian tried to couch his argument in somehow helping the everyday American, saying not doing so would be tantamount to “class warfare.” Guess who won out big in those bailouts. It wasn’t the factory line workers and it wasn’t the American taxpayer.

The fact is bailing out those two automakers reinforced their awful management. Chrysler has been bought twice since and GM is a hot mess as it works hand-in-glove with the Biden Administration to force EVs on a population which can barely afford to keep the lights on.

When Jay Leno keeps telling you who he is, believe him. He’s not just an everyday, blue collar gearhead. He’s a Hollywood elitist who absolutely will prop up Obama, Biden, and the rest of the D.C. establishment. Remember that next time he’s put in front of you as some sort of hero and starts telling you what the future of your hobby is.

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