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Here are the car news stories you might have missed this week.

It seems like things around the world are getting crazier and increasingly more precarious as economic woes, the possibility of global war, and other issues bear down on us all. These are absolutely affecting the auto industry, which was already in a state of flux. That’s definitely reflected in many of this week’s news items.

1. Cadillac launches its spaceship.

After plenty of speculation and anticipation, Cadillac took the wraps off the Celestiq, a $300,000 electric vehicle the American luxury brand hopes will transform its future. If you have deva vu, that’s because Cadillac has promised a sweeping transformation and talked about “catching up with the Germans” so many times it’s hard to count. Only the aim now is to not Tesla off its number one perch in the EV market. This product is too niche to do that, but we’ll see what comes after.

Check out all the details here.

2. Hyundai distances itself from child labor.

Back in February a bombshell story broke, claiming an Alabama-based supplier for Hyundai was using child workers as young as 12. These workers were supposedly undocumented migrants from Central America. Now, Hyundai executives say they’re severing ties with the supplier “as soon as possible.” What’s gone unanswered is why it’s taken the automaker 8 months to make that move.

Read all about it here.

3. Stellantis CEO is at it again.

Whatever you might think of auto giant Stellantis and its outspoken CEO Carlos Tavares, the man says what so many of his peers fear to utter. Speaking at the Paris Auto Show, he declared that the EU’s ban on internal combustion engine cars by 2035 needs to be reworked, calling it a “dogmatic decision.” The man made some good points in his address, which you can read about more here.

4. That’s an expensive Toyota!

The Toyota Hilux, a midsize pickup truck sold everywhere but in North America, is a mainstay for Australians who need something utilitarian and reliable. However, if Aussies want theirs electrified they have to turn to an aftermarket solution. One of the companies doing just that has revealed the final price will be close to $100,000 AUD.

Get the details here.

5. Lego sculpting done right.

On the lighter side of things, a life-sized Lamborghini Sian made entirely of Legos was unveiled at the Paris Auto Show and it stole the show. It’s easy to see why, considering the creators made it almost as svelte as the real thing. Check it out for yourself.

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