Automotive News Underground 10/28/2022

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Here are the automotive news stories you might have missed this week.

Once again, we’ve experienced another weird week for automotive news. SEMA is about to start in Las Vegas, so there will be all sorts of interesting things going on for the next Underground update.

1. Hot grandma crossovers are coming.

The latest growth area in the automotive industry has been in “hot” compact crossovers we usually see driven predominantly by grandmothers. A prime example debuted this week, the Ford Escape ST-Line which the Blue Oval is trying to spin as some lifted hot rod. However, it has a whimpy turbo-four engine “targeting” 250-horsepower, so it’s not exactly the fire-breathing dragon that’s being marketed. With the Dodge Hornet also coming out, we expect to see more of these “performance” compact crossovers in the coming years, and to be told by automakers just how sporty they supposedly are.

2. Eco protestors are at it again.

It seems like there were a number of ridiculous eco protests this week, almost like it was a coordinated thing. One of the most notable for automotive news was when two groups descended Volkswagen’s Autostadt museum in Germany and the Paris Motor Show, vandalizing cars and gluing themselves to them. You’ve probably already seen videos of similar protestors trying to ruin priceless pieces of art, too. This kind of extremism is simply destructive and anti-human, but the youth who get caught up into it really think they’re saving the world.

If you want to see more on the topic, click here.

3. Chicago street takeover turns deadly.

We keep hearing people saying street takeovers or sideshows are just harmless fun done by regular kids. However, incidents like the one that went down in Chicago this week highlight just how dangerous these illegal gatherings are. These events attract all kinds of morons who like to do illegal things, including at least one person who started during the one in Chicago. Check out Salty Cracker’s video on the topic.

4. Harley-Davidson surges again.

Naysayers keep predicting the ultimate doom of Harley-Davidson, yet the company has bucked those doomsday scenarios. For Q3 of this year, the company blasted past its earnings forecast and shares grew by 11%. Will this trend of more shipments continue, helping Harley to stay relevant? Or will the recession start taking its toll?

Read more about the company’s updated position here.

5. GMC unveils its newest all-electric truck.

GM is using the GMC brand to experiment with EV trucks, starting with the new Hummer and now with the Sierra EV, which was revealed this week. With a possible 400-mile range, this new model will debut for the 2024 model year. For now, we get to see highly edited promotional photos and glowing prose about changing the industry and such. If you care about all that, check out the official press release here.

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