Dodge Hellcat Burns Rubber To Celebrate Philadelphia Eagles Victory

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We think the clutch was burning, too.

In case you aren’t aware, the Philadelphia Eagles humiliated the San Francisco 49ers last night and in response people in Philadelphia went crazy. Revelry in the City of Brotherly Love turned into violence and looting. However, one person decided to use their Dodge Charger Hellcat to add some smoky goodness to the celebration.

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A video shared to Twitter by Philadelphia reporter Stephanie Farr shows the Hellcat come around a corner in full view of a police car with lights strobing as it performs a big, smoky burnout. From the sounds and the smoke, it appears the American muscle car did the same thing before it came around the corner, so the driver was really roasting tires last night.

Sure, it’s not the most artfully executed burnout ever, but it shows how crazy things were in Philly last night. The Mopar driver probably figured the police had their hands so full this was the chance to rip a huge burnout right in the middle of the city without consequence.

While there’s plenty of tire smoke in the air, from the sound and look of things, we think there might be some clutch roasting going on, too. That might mean a pretty expensive trip to the shop in the near future for the muscle car owner.

You’ll note the Hellcat is dark green and sports neon green lights in the undercarriage, front fascia, and roof. We’re guessing this person not only is a big fan of Mopars but is also a diehard supporter of the Eagles. Thankfully, the guy was able to express his joy without mowing down the pedestrians on the sidewalk or hitting any of the many other vehicles on the road, so hats off to him for that at least.

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