Lee County Towing Company Accused Of Major Auto-Theft Ring

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They targeted victims of Hurricane Ian.

Recently, a towing company in Lee County has been accused of making a getaway with multiple stolen vehicles taken from victims of Hurricane Ian. A truly heinous crime to be accused of, the towing company has come out to Fox news with an official statement that they’ve done nothing wrong. However, there seems to be a lot of evidence stacked against them and the accusations are quite detailed. So it seems that this is a case worth paying a lot of attention to. Especially when the livelihoods of natural disaster victims hang in the balance.

See what morbid item was stolen with a Ram pickup here.

Having been called “fraudulent on every level,“ the company allegedly scammed people with stolen vehicles that they claim were sent by the victims’ insurance company. According to the Lee County sheriff’s office, that was a complete lie and the insurance companies never actually had anything to do with it. From there, the vehicles taken went from cars, to boats, and even golf carts. Overall, if what the sheriff’s department says is true, this may have been one of the most elaborate car theft schemes imaginable in recent times.

On top of that, reports have been coming in since January 2023 stating that their vehicle, which had to be pulled off the road for any given reason, had suddenly vanished. The only issues in the case that are clearly present have more to do with the morality of stealing cars from a hurricane victim and the absolute boldness of their actions. If you allow for the possibility of the company not giving a damn who they steal the cars from and also being too arrogant to think they could fail, then there’s not much defense. Even when asked about it on the news, the representative for this company stated that they had done nothing wrong and that there were no stolen cars. Needless to say that’s a weak defense at best but hopefully more details will come out about this case soon and justice will be delivered.

Source: Fox 4 Now

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