Woman Sues Avis Over Stolen Car Report

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This kind of thing seems to be happening too often.

According to a report from KTLA, Ramona Gutierrez says she was unexpectedly pulled over by Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies and taken into custody after her Avis rental car was erroneously reported as stolen. It’s the kind of thing most people would never expect to happen, especially after paying good money for a rental. However, it’s the kind of thing people have claimed has occurred with other rental services, too.

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Gutierrez, who’s a single mother, works full-time as an Uber driver in the Los Angeles area. Her vehicle is literally her livelihood, so when it had to go to the shop for repairs, she rented a car from Avis to keep picking up riders and earning income.

However, she says six deputies pulled her over on the 210 Freeway, holding her at gunpoint before dropping her onto the ground and roughly handcuffing her. She also claims she told deputies the car was rented legally. Despite that, she was put, handcuffed, the back of a patrol car.

In addition, Gutierrez claims nobody told her what was going on as she sat on the side of the freeway and felt scared as well as humiliated. It was only later that she learned Avis allegedly reported the rental vehicle she was driving had been stolen.

After working for Uber for six years, maintaining a five-star rating, and claiming she’s a law-abiding citizen, Gutierrez now is too traumatized to go back to work. She admits she still finds it difficult to drive at all. And she claims Avis hasn’t so much as apologized for the incident.

Avis has stayed mum about the stolen car report, only saying it was an isolated incident and that it cannot comment further.

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