Louisville Police Seize Hellcat Redeye

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Don’t do stupid things.

People who participate in street takeovers are truly idiots on so many levels. Not only do they claim to be car enthusiasts while simultaneously trashing cars to just do some donuts in the road, they and their buddies document everything for the police. We know it’s shocking to dumb criminals, but filming yourself or your friend breaking the law, then putting it on social media is handing evidence over to the authorities. A person with a Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye in Louisville recently found this out the hard way.

Find out how an Atlanta suburb has stopped street takeovers.

Such an incredibly powerful American muscle car should be treated with a degree of reverence, but the little punk who apparently owns it decided instead to use it at street takeovers. There are videos of the Mopar hitting other morons who are trying to film it ripping smokey donuts from just a few feet away since social media likes are worth the same amount as your life or something.

Allow us to clue the criminal element into something the rest of society hopefully gets: cops are human beings and as such are on social media. Some of them might see your stupid posts when they’re just perusing Instagram or there are those who actually actively search social media for idiots admitting to the commission of a crime. And regular citizens will send links of social media posts to police departments because they don’t like criminals using their neighborhood as a criminal playground.

Louisville Metro Police Department used a Facebook post to show video clips of the Redeye hitting some pedestrians while “turning tricks” in the street. The department called such behavior “unacceptable” and we wholeheartedly agree. It then showed police standing next to the muscle car in a parking garage with the caption “We Found It.” Now the Dodge is in impound, its fate yet to be determined as the investigation is ongoing.

Let this be a warning to street takeover organizers everywhere: police will seize your cars, arrest you, and you will face consequences. People in a lot of cities are sick of your antics.

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