Florida Man Runs From Cops, Says He Wasn’t Driving

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At least he didn’t blame his dog.

By this point you’d have to be living under a rock for the past 30 years to not know the legend of Florida Man. He’s struck again, this time fleeing from a traffic stop in one of the lamest attempts to get away from police we’ve ever seen, then claiming he wasn’t actually driving the car even though he was in the driver’s seat.

Watch a police chief PIT a fleeing suspect.

We’ve seen the old “I wasn’t actually driving” excuse before. The last memorable time was a Colorado man who swapped seats with his dog and tried convincing cops Fido was the one speeding. That guy was apparently drunk as a skunk, but we don’t know what the deal is with this Florida man, although we wouldn’t be surprised if he had partaken of some shake and bake.

When the deputy who arrested this Florida man pointed out he was in the driver’s seat and so was driving, the guy pivoted to a new creative excuse, saying he was “just trying to move it to a safe spot.” Yes, officer, I was just trying to tell that nice young lady when she came to my hotel room that she needed to get off the streets and find God – cops hear this kind of thing all the time.

But this guy thinks he’s really clever or something. That’s common with people who are drunk or strung out, which is quite possible here.

We’d praise the passenger who jumped out after this driver tried running from the deputy, because he probably didn’t sign up for getting into a police chase. But that guy couldn’t follow simple directions of where to stay and so got on the deputy’s side quickly.

Ultimately, it was revealed the driver didn’t have a valid license. Deputies also discovered 85 grams of pot in the car. He also picked up a felony fleeing charge. It sounds like the passenger wasn’t charged with anything.

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