Fortune Smiles on Corvette Admirer: 70th Anniversary Edition Finds its New Home

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Did you toss your hat into the ring?

In an exciting twist, a couple recently became the proud owners of the 2023 VIN 001 70th Anniversary Corvette Coupe, showcased at the National Corvette Museum. Their possession wasn’t due to early bookings or hefty deposits, but pure, unadulterated luck. They emerged victorious in the museum’s highly anticipated raffle.

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Dive into the tale of a musician’s Camaro meeting an unfortunate fate at the hands of a mechanic.

Our fortunate enthusiast, Cliff Payne hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, now owns the enviable title of driving the first-ever 2023 Chevy Corvette 70th Anniversary Coupe. A feat bound to elicit admiration from aficionados across borders.

During the time of this exciting turn of events, Payne was in Bowling Green, immersing himself in the National Council of Corvette Clubs’ annual convention. And while the convention itself was a treat, clinching the iconic ‘Vette made it an unforgettable experience.

Sharing his joy, Payne said, “The moment they called me, it felt surreal. Interestingly, it was my wife, Fran, who persuaded me to buy a raffle ticket that day, after purchasing her own. Attending our 40th National Council of Corvette Clubs’ convention, I had no inkling it would end with such an extraordinary surprise. Owning this particular Stingray, with its distinguished VIN, is beyond my wildest dreams.”

It’s noteworthy to mention that since 1999, the National Corvette Museum has been enticing enthusiasts with Corvette raffles. They’ve handed over the keys to 432 of these beauties till now. The museum, apart from these thrilling raffles, is renowned for its impressive collection of iconic sports cars and rich memorabilia, making it a must-visit for every car lover.

All images courtesy of the National Corvette Museum.

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