Men In Dodge Charger Attempt To Carjack California Woman

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Always be aware of your surroundings.

For years, Americans have been watching Russian and Brazilian dashcam footage of attempted carjackings, unaware that the same sorts of scenarios are playing out in cities near where they live. A perfect example of this comes via Oakland, California where a woman driving alone in the hills is almost carjacked by two men in a Dodge Charger.

Learn how to guard yourself against carjackers.

We’ve included the raw dashcam footage of the incident because we think it teaches a few principles of how to not become a victim of an attempted carjacking. First off, the Oakland hills are traditionally rather safe and upscale, so this woman probably felt secure and didn’t have her guard up as much. Some predators count on that, which is why they chose to sometimes hunt where crime isn’t common because it catches their targets completely off guard.

The dashcam resolution isn’t great, but it’s good enough to see the victim is driving normally with the Charger in front. Then the Mopar pulls to the side and the woman slows, probably because she’s not sure what the guys are doing. They might have been planning to set up a fender bender collision, then take her car at gunpoint.

Instead, she stops and waits for them to make a move, clearly annoyed as you can hear. That move was smart because she could tell the other driver was behaving unusually. However, it took her a few seconds to transition from annoyance to survival mode even after the other driver hopped out of the Dodge, a gun in his hand.

If you see someone ahead of you try to block off the road, then get out of their vehicle with a gun, get out of there immediately. Drive forward if you can or hit reverse, but start putting distance between you and the attacker and quickly. Most people can’t hit the broad side of a barn with a handgun outside of twenty feet, making space your best defense.

Still processing what’s going on, the woman says “no” to herself as the passenger jumps out while the driver comes up to her window and starts knocking on it. Likely she didn’t see the gun until the guy showed it to her right then, but she reacts immediately, screaming and driving forward, going around the Charger roadblock.

Thankfully the would-be carjacker didn’t squeeze off a round or two and the victim was able to drive away without crashing. She kept calm enough to get to safety, which is what counts the most.

There’s been zero indication these two suspects have been identified or caught and residents of the area are understandably scared. CBS News says many are blaming District Attorney Pamela Price for the upswing in violent crime because she’s gone light on offenders. Even people who voted for her are now questioning if progressive criminal justice isn’t a bad idea after all.

Check out the dashcam footage for yourself.

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