Biker Running From Cops Needs Riding Lessons

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It’s always amazing seeing guys on fairly high-powered sport bikes who don’t have very polished riding skills. It’s like someone decided they were too cool to learn on something more mundane and less powerful, likely skipping riding lessons from a real instructor altogether. While that’s cringe enough, it’s even worse when one of these fools decides they’re going to run from the cops using their craptacular skills in the saddle.

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Not shockingly, this is yet another action-packed Arkansas State Police chase, only this time we’re in Springdale and not Little Rock or West Memphis. The trooper notices this guy is going about 80 on surface streets and the chase is on.

We’re not going to go through all the things this guy does wrong while fleeing from police, starting with running from a cop. Seriously, leading law enforcement on a chase is so risky and stupid we don’t recommend it. But if you don’t have the proper riding/driving skills the risk just shoots through the roof.

This guy struggles to get through the roundabouts, almost duck walking his bike at one point, and it’s just hilarious but also scary. He struggles to get through turns on the highway quickly, almost puts his motorcycle into the back of multiple vehicles, puts his feet out while going through turns at high speeds, even misses a shift at 80+ mph but luckily the trooper doesn’t plow into him.

But what’s scariest is the death wobble this guy keeps dealing with at speed. While death wobble can be from a mechanical fault in the bike, considering the high level of riding skill this suspect has been showing throughout the chase, we’re going to guess the source is his technique.

Not shockingly, the suspect eventually wrecks out and tries running on foot. His foot chase skills are about as bad as his riding, yet he somehow gets away. Hopefully this guy learns to ride better and doesn’t run from the cops ever again.

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