Corvette Driver Pushes Into 161 MPH, Ends Up In Handcuffs

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Yup, they’ll arrest you for that!

We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s only illegal if you get caught” at some point in our lives about various topics. For many car enthusiasts, this translates to speeding and high-performance driving when they are absolutely sure no one’s watching. The generally accepted sentiment within the car community is that a little goofing around or spirited driving is ok as long as you do it safely and away from pedestrians and fellow road goers. However, this was clearly a lesson that has yet to be learned by one driver whose actions led him to a jail cell in a few minutes.

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Imagine being a cop stationed on I-93; you’re sitting there eating your standard issue donut and sipping your fresh cup of hot subsidized caffeine. Suddenly, you see a blur race past you at high speeds with a roaring V8 pushing its way through the air. You look down at your speed checking device and see a number you never expected to witness in your time as an officer of the law. A blistering 161 mph shakes your vehicle like a bat out of hell racing to finish a top-speed run before you instinctively reach for your lights and sirens. We haven’t a clue if the officer turned on his light or engaged in the pursuit, but either way, most police vehicles are limited to a top speed of 150mph. 

Chasing the flying Corvette wasn’t an option, but the age-old adage of “you can outrun me, but not my radio” began to rear its head. In a matter of minutes, wide-eyed patrollers had spotted the American performance vehicle, eventually catching him in traffic. The suspect, Alejandro Zapata-Rebello, was detained by his radio-wielding rival, who had initially spotted the car. Rebello has one of the most rebellious-sounding names in history. He has a court date scheduled for September of this year, where he will make a plea against multiple counts of reckless driving and disobeying police. It’s hard to say that there’s much of a case for the rambunctious driver, and he might just have to sit in the bed he made, but until then, we’d like to think he’ll find some way to evade the long arm of the law once again.

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