Motorcyclist Arrested After Road Rage Assault

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A motorcycle rider in Philadelphia is in big trouble after he was caught on video kicking in the back window of a car that had two kids inside. The mom got out of the car to confront the biker, who proceeded to argue with her and at one point headbutting the woman with his helmet and pushing her.

Up-and-coming race car driver killed in road rage incident.

The incident in question happened at about 9 pm on the night of October 1 as a group on motorcycles, dirt bikes, and ATVs swarmed the area around Philadelphia City Hall. We’ve seen these sorts of gatherings before, which often are designed to overwhelm police resources, allowing participants to do basically whatever they want.

The kicking in of the back window appears to have started after the biker and driver got into some sort of verbal exchange. Fox 29 Philadelphia interviewed the victim, who said her car was sideswiped and that’s how the confrontation began.

We don’t condone these sorts of incidents in the least. While we’ve seen bad behavior from drivers and bikers alike, there’s nothing that justifies smashing in the window of another car like this, especially when there’s kids on the other side.

Thankfully, the kids weren’t hurt.

Philadelphia Police Deputy Commissioner Frank Vanore took to social media to announce the biker had been arrested. Now the aggressor in this road rage incident is facing charges for vandalism and aggravated assault.

It wasn’t a great idea for the woman to get out of her vehicle, but we understand the rage she felt as she sought to protect her kids. After all, this couldn’t turned into a dogpile situation where more bikers started attacking the car – we’ve seen it before. Some of these people don’t care if there are kids inside, almost like they only care about themselves.

The woman said the suspect did have a gun he dropped, then picked up and pointed at her before tucking it away, maybe realizing using it would be a bad idea. She kept advancing on him and then he pushed her. The police investigation should look into that detail and if he was brandishing a firearm, he could be facing even more charges.

Don’t road rage, kids!

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