Georgia Teens Steal The Most Recognizable Car On The Lot

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Two teenagers from Gwinnett County, Georgia found themselves in custody following their attempt to pilfer a strikingly bright orange 2014 Dodge Charger from a local dealership in Lilburn. The incident, which unfolded on a Wednesday afternoon, led to the duo facing serious felony theft charges.

It all started when the teenagers, identified as 19-year-old Ivan Hannah and 17-year-old Robert Elsmore, sauntered into the dealership and requested a test drive. However, suspicions arose when the distinctively painted vehicle failed to return after the expected 30-minute period. In an attempt to retrieve the car, employees of Rivera’s Automotive pursued the suspects onto Ronald Regan Parkway, only to be met with a surge of acceleration as the driver blatantly fled the scene.

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Miguel Lopez-Ortiz, a manager at the dealership, expressed his disbelief to Channel 2 Gwinnett County Bureau Chief Matt Johnson, stating, “They took the most noticeable car out here. I still want to know what he was thinking.”

The quick response of the local police department led to the swift location and apprehension of the vehicle on Pleasant Hill Road. Captured dash camera footage revealed the moment authorities halted the vivid car, extracting the teenagers and promptly detaining them on the ground before their arrest.

Both Hannah and Elsmore now confront the severe repercussions of their actions, charged with felony theft. Remarkably, the Dodge Charger, priced at roughly $10,000, wasn’t damaged and was subsequently returned to Rivera’s Automotive.

Source/Photo: WSBTV

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