Watch A Juvenile DUI Stop Turn Into A Chase And Shooting

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On New Year’s Eve night just over an hour before most people would count down to the start of 2024 a call came into Weber Area Dispatch in northern Utah about a minor who was drunk and left a house party in his BMW. Police quickly found the allegedly intoxicated 19-year-old driver, but rather than just pulling over to sort things out, the kid decided to run.

Chinese national flees the US after killing someone in drunk driving crash.

You can see in the dashcam footage this kid really drops the hammer, quickly accelerating to over 100 mph on surface streets, running red lights, and doing everything he can to get away. It’s a stupid move since authorities already know exactly who he is, but that thought obviously never occurs to him.

After winding through the roads in Riverdale, police are able to get a couple of units out in front of him on a residential street. This is where the saying “you can’t outrun the radio” comes from. Trapped, he still doesn’t give up, playing chicken with one of those cops and swerving up onto someone’s lawn at the last second.

Even though that cop hits the rear quarter panel of the Bimmer, it’s not disabled and the suspect speeds off again. It isn’t too long before another officer corners him in a retail parking lot but as he approaches the Bimmer the suspect almost hits him, prompting the officer to draw his weapon and fire.

By this point police aren’t playing around one bit. The BMW is smashed up and yet the suspect continues fleeing, with the alleged intoxication being the only logical explanation for his behavior. Still, most people at this point would give up, drunk or not, realizing they’re on the verge of being seriously hurt or killed, let alone putting everyone else at extreme risk.

Finally, the Bimmer is so battered it can’t continue on or we have little doubt this kid would’ve kept going. For all his effort, he picked up a long list of charges, including two felonies. He was throw in jail with the judge ordering no bail.

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