Stolen Car Plows Into Woman At UK Fun Fair

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Teenage suspects in a stolen car drove through the front gates of a fun fair in Hindley, UK, hitting and seriously injuring a woman. It’s just another example not only of how car theft is a problem in other countries but also how even if your car isn’t stolen, the problem can present a serious threat to your safety.

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A report from Manchester Evening News seems to imply somehow police are responsible for the incident since they were chasing the stolen Ford Focus at the time. It’s always interesting when people claim anything a criminal does because they’re being chased is the fault of police, because criminals never do horrible things otherwise.

According to the report, the Ford hit a 42-year-old woman, seriously hurting her but thankfully not critically. A man was also hit but apparently wasn’t seriously injured. After that that suspects took off on foot, leaving the car in gear. A fair employee was able to jump inside and put on the handbrake before it hit anyone else.

So you see, you can be at a fair or somewhere else outdoors, having fun and minding your own business when some kids in a stolen car just slam into you or your family. We’ve even seen stolen cars slammed into buildings, so being indoors isn’t necessarily a protection.

Really, something needs to be done to curb car theft. After all, even when not chased by the police, kids in stolen cars often drive recklessly, injuring other people and they just don’t care.

Police are now reviewing the situation, apparently looking to possibly modify their chase policies. We’re not sure what they can do to prevent selfish criminals from driving a stolen car into a fair or anywhere else. Maybe investing in some Grappler Bumpers would be wise?

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