YouTuber Documents How Broken The Los Angeles Criminal Justice System Is

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Los Angeles-based car YouTuber effspot likes to cruise around the City of Angels to show all the crazy rides and interesting behavior on display. We’ve featured some of his videos in the past, including how he stumbled across a dealer’s creative way of hiding new stock from its car lot, probably to trick shoppers into believing shortages were still going on.

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This time, effspot himself became the subject of his video as a man attacked his Tesla Model 3, busting out a window. As the situation unfolded, the YouTuber was able to document just how broken the criminal justice system is in Los Angeles and many other major US cities.

The YouTuber noticed to guys wrestling on the ground at an intersection, something that sadly isn’t uncommon in the city. Then he noticed the same guy who had been pinned down earlier randomly attacking innocent bystanders as they were walking down the sidewalk.

Suddenly, the crazed man noticed effspot and his friend filming everything, so he charged at the Tesla. As they sped off, the attacker threw a rock or maybe a heavy wad of keys at the side of the car, cracking the window. As effspot noted, things would’ve been far worse had the window not been rolled up.

After that, effspot did what we wouldn’t recommend, flipping a U-turn to confront the guy who’s clearly mentally unstable/on something. Being unpredictable, the aggressor tried getting into the passenger side of a random Mini that was stopped at a light. This is why we recommend always keeping your doors locked.

Thankfully, effspot took off before the guy tried throwing a glass bottle at the Tesla. Safely away from the attacker, they called 911 and the cops showed up surprisingly fast, arresting the suspect.

One might think this is an open-and-shut case with all the video evidence effspot and his friend handed over to authorities. But if you know anything about the criminal justice system in Los Angeles then you won’t be surprised this guy was released in two hours.

With the criminal justice system functioning this way, it’s no wonder crime has spiraled out of control in most major US cities. Police resources have been trimmed way back, forcing them to ignore some calls for help, much to the dismay of the citizenry. Ironically, some have used the slow or no responses as motivation to slash police department budgets further. It’s a vicious cycle.

When the police do catch violent, dangerous criminals, they’re treated as if they’re victims by prosecutors. Sometimes these guys (and occasionally women) are released before police can even fill out the paperwork, like this guy who was out of custody in two hours.

Realizing they face few if even any consequences for committing crimes, these individuals skip off to commit more crimes. What’s maddening is the people who will argue this isn’t what happens, even though there are countless examples of freshly released violent offenders who offend almost immediately after being let go.

Considering this guy was randomly attacking a lot of people, probably even more than effspot was able to capture on camera, there’s little doubt he did something violent not too long after his rapid release. We’ve also seen this with car thieves who immediately steal more cars right after getting caught stealing cars. And people wonder why car insurance rates are ridiculously high these days.

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