Pocket Bike Stolen After Hit-And-Run Crash

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Los Angeles has always been a bit of a crazy place, but lately it seems like the wildest stories pour out of there faster than we can cover them. But this tale of a guy riding a pocket bike or mini bike that apparently was stolen is just so interesting we have to share.

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As reported originally by KTLA, the unnamed rider was on the pocket bike a little before 5 am on September 25 when a car hit the rider. Crashes with “cagers” or people in regular vehicles can be incredibly dangerous for anyone on a motorcycle, but on a mini bike you’re sitting lower and so head injuries are even more common, so it doesn’t surprise us that the rider was transported to the hospital via ambulance.

The driver who hit the mini bike rider took off from the scene. Police didn’t release a description of the other vehicle.

Somewhere in the shuffle of taking care of the rider, the mini bike went missing. While it’s possible a friend came by and picked up the little two-wheeler instead of having police “tow” it or whatever, it’s also possible some nice individual decided to liberate it from the owner’s possession.

Yes, it’s a scummy thing to steal someone’s ride after they’ve been in a serious accident, but it does happen. And with how rampant theft has become in Los Angeles, it’s an entirely too-believable explanation for why the pocket bike disappeared.

Another interesting thing to note: mini bikes aren’t street legal in California. It’s not clear if the rider was in the road or was hit while crossing the road. But riding one of these things in a public street is a really bad idea. Motorists have a hard time seeing motorcycles, especially at night, but with how low to the ground a mini bike is, they’re even harder to spot.

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