Australian Woman’s Muscle Car Collection Mysteriously Vanishes

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Femke Koenders, the aggrieved owner, reported the alleged theft of her three prized muscle cars: a 1971 Mustang, a 1969 Mustang, and a 1971 fastback Torino. All of them were allegedly swiped from a barn in her property. The thieves didn’t stop there; they also took a diesel generator and a security camera.

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Having been the proud owner of these cars for two decades, Koenders was understandably devastated by the theft. “To think they just took over $100,000 worth of my heart and soul is mind-boggling,” lamented Koenders. Despite her efforts to keep her property locked and secured, the audacious thieves seemingly used power tools to breach the defenses and raid the barn.

Disturbingly, this isn’t an isolated incident at this particular property. Over the years, Ms. Koenders has faced multiple break-ins. The modus operandi remains alarmingly consistent. “The thieves seem to have a pattern – rummaging through cupboards, upending furniture. It feels eerily familiar, almost as if the same culprits are revisiting,” she commented, recalling a past incident where both a quad bike and a posty bike were stolen.

Thankfully, her vigilant neighbors have kept a close watch since these recurring intrusions began. They were quick to alert Ms. Koenders this time, describing the apparent signs of yet another break-in.

A glimmer of hope in this ordeal came in the form of potential leads. One of the stolen vehicles was reportedly spotted on a trailer along the Maroondah Highway near Rochford Winery early in the morning on 17th October. Another sighting occurred in Taggerty on the same day. Koenders remains optimistic, stating, “It’s a slim lead, but I’m hoping someone might have noticed something and will step forward.”

The local community and classic car enthusiasts are rallying behind Koenders, urging anyone with knowledge of the theft to contact Crime Stoppers or the Alexandra Police Station directly. As for official comments on the investigation, the Alexandra Police Station has yet to provide an update.

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