Car Theft Victim Almost Run Over By Thief’s Accomplice

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A man in South Hill, Washington is lucky to be alive after he confronted a thief who was trying to steal his truck. While we understand what the guy did, we also don’t recommend going so far.

Dodge Charger stolen from airport parking, found stripped.

NBC News shared footage from the man’s surveillance camera on the front of his house, which shows the whole scene play out. It starts with a thief getting into the passenger side of the pickup and the owner receiving a motion alert.

Realizing someone is trying to steal his truck, the guy runs out of his house and pulls the thief out of the pickup’s cab. Rather than just let the would-be thief run away, he pursues him into the street where a getaway car is waiting.

The truck owner starts manhandling the thief, so the getaway driver backs the car up, angles it just so, and guns it right at the truck owner. Thankfully, the guy ends up on the hood and not under the chassis, taking a ride up into his driveway.

That getaway car collides with the side of the pickup, sending the guy flying. Amazingly, he lands on his feet, unhurt, and takes a photo of the thieves before they speed off.

We get being angry and wanting to pummel someone trying to take your vehicle. But many car thieves carry guns and aren’t afraid to use them. That’s the scary part you have to consider before confronting them.

Had this guy just been satisfied with chasing the one thief off, that likely would’ve been the end of it. But he pushed it and when push comes to shove, many car thieves aren’t afraid to use violence to keep from getting caught.

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