Man Allegedly Consumed A Can Of Twisted Tea During Police Chase

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Usually when people are actively fleeing from police, they put down whatever alcoholic beverage they’re consuming and drive poorly. Some even go so far as to throw their liquid refreshment and poor decisions out the window at a pursuing police cruiser. But one man in Davenport, Iowa decided to just keep sipping his Twisted Tea, even after police pitted him multiple times.

The infamous Belltown Hellcat can’t be driven for some time.

The pursuit started when a police officer allegedly observed the suspect going 80 in a 45 mph zone. That officer gave chase and alleges he saw the driver tipping back a can of Twisted Tea as the Chevy Silverado swerved around and into the oncoming traffic lanes, reports WHBF.

During the chase, police claim the man drove his truck the wrong way onto an interstate exit ramp. That’s when an officer performed the first PIT maneuver during the chase. But the suspect flipped around in the opposite or correct direction, kept on driving.

After a second PIT, the suspect drove his Silverado through someone’s front yard, avoiding police as they tried boxing him in. He did all this while still holding onto and consuming his Twisted Tea.

Finally, a third PIT immobilized the truck. Maybe Twisted Tea gives you wings or makes you think you’re unstoppable, because the guy jumped out of the Chevy and ran away as police told him to stop.

However, the guy wasn’t unstoppable and police were able to chase him down. We question if he was even able to run in a straight line. After arresting the suspect, officers found two empty 24-ounce cans of Twisted Tea in the cab. They also said the guy had slurred speech and bloodshot, watery eyes.

But the guy’s antics weren’t over. He told police he had crack cocaine concealed in a bodily orifice. However, medical professionals at a hospital did a thorough search and found nothing. And that’s why you really should keep your Twisted Tea consumption under control and definitely not drink and drive, or drink while driving.  

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