Florida Man Headbutts Window To Escape Police

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If you’re wondering what kind of person leads police on a high-speed chase, then headbutts a window to break it, the answer is simple: Florida Man. That’s right, the creature of legend has been spotted again, and as always has done something so inexplicably stupid we have to show video of the incident or nobody will believe it happened.

Watch a Florida Man take off his pants to burglarize a pharmacy.

In dashcam footage from October 15 released recently by Marion County Sheriff’s Office, we can see this Florida Man chose a crappy crossover to run from police at speeds upwards of 100 mph. Proving our point that most modern cop cars are insufficient, the deputy and his trusty K9 struggle to keep up. With a real pursuit vehicle, this would’ve been over in no time.

Instead, the suspect was able to use left turn lanes to safely cross the median and continue in oncoming lanes of traffic in an attempt to ditch the deputy. That’s a trick he deploys a few times. And the one time when the deputy gets close to the little crossover during a U-turn he can’t accelerate to keep up. Pathetic.

Florida Man continues through a neighborhood, taking out a mailbox during his rampage. Finally, the deputy gets into position for a PIT, but the suspect is able to play wet noodle and frustrate his attempt. Eventually, the crossover crashes through a vinyl fence and that apparently was enough to bring the chase to an end. That doesn’t make sense, but it’s what happens next that’s the real head-scratcher, or banger.

First of all, the guy busts out the window of the crossover by headbutting it and then leaps through it like some giant frog. Is he on something? Why not just roll it down? After the guy was caught, he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, among other things. Maybe this is a clear sign to give up drinking.

Check out the video for yourself.

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