Jeep Wrangler Runs From The Cops

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It’s always amazing to see those people who never got the memo that Jeep Wranglers are in fact off-road rigs, not sports cars. Living where they are quite common, it’s sadly not uncommon to see people whipping even the lifted Wranglers through turns as if they’re behind the wheel of a Porsche or Corvette. And yes, they do that with mud tires because physics is just imaginary. Perhaps that’s why this person in Arkansas thought running from a cop in their Wrangler was a good idea (spoiler: it wasn’t).

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There are many things which make Wranglers awful on pavement but excellent for technical trails. Among them is the higher ride height and respectable ground clearance, solid front and rear axles, plus gearing that leans more towards trail use than high-speed highway runs.

Obviously they can still cruise on the open road just fine, as this person clearly demonstrates when they blow past an Arkansas State Police trooper at over 100 mph. By the time Trooper Meeks catches up with this suspect, they’re going about 110 mph just living their best life.

What Trooper Meeks didn’t realize as the Jeep led him in a rather short pursuit was that the person driving it wasn’t the owner. Instead, it was a rental, so perhaps that’s why the guy was willing to flog it like a donkey. It also might have ultimately been his downfall, although that doesn’t explain the Wrangler owners who also drive like idiots.

You can see the suspect weaving around other cars like he’s in a Ferrari, almost hitting several other cars. The guy also drives in the oncoming lane of traffic, even when there’s a blind hill or turn, clearly demonstrating he’s not the brightest crayon in the box.

Ultimately, it was a sweeping right turn that taught him a Jeep Wrangler really doesn’t handle like it’s on rails. Check out the chase and crash for yourself.

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