Dodge Charger Blows Through DUI Checkpoint In Wild Video

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DUI checkpoints are one of those things anyone who’s been out drinking panics upon seeing. If you’re sober and such, the checkpoints are annoying but that’s it. But this Dodge Charger driver in Albuquerque, New Mexico decided to not risk blowing into a breathalyzer and instead just blew right past cops, leading state police on a high-speed chase.

Drunk driver switches places with his dog, claims he wasn’t driving.

When the state officer finally catches up with the Mopar, he hesitates when describing the car. At first he just says it’s maroon, then pauses as if he’s trying to figure out exactly what it is. Considering the Charger has one of the most distinct taillights on the road that’s only similar to the Durango and Dart, which don’t look anything like it otherwise, and Chargers are used by law enforcement, we’re hoping the guy was just catching his breath.

Fortunately, the Charger has blown its rear passenger-side tire so it can’t lay down the power like before. Is it possible the driver accelerated so hard it blew the tire, which was underinflated or damaged? We’ve seen it happen before. It’s also possible the allegedly inebriated Mopar driver hit a curb or something else while traveling at a high rate of speed, doing damage to it.

Anyway, this criminal mastermind takes a sudden right turn onto a road that’s clearly marked as closed. The officer has the Dodge dead to rights, but this isn’t Arkansas where they’ll pin the suspect’s vehicle first chance they get. Instead, the officer gets close to hitting it, then backs off and watches as the suspect drives away.

Chasing the ailing Charger down again through a parking lot, the officer has the chance to PIT it out as the driver does a slow left turn. Instead, the officer pulls up short again. What gives? Thankfully the YouTube channel that uploaded this video, NM Bodycam, provides a helpful on-screen explanation that these officers can only PIT a suspect if they’re going under 35 mph.

But wait, both those times the officer had the Charger on the ropes it was traveling slower than that. So why didn’t he just do the PIT and end the chase? Well, it also has to be approved by a supervisor. In other words, this officer wants to keep his job.

Even though it’s partially disabled, the driver pushes the Dodge muscle car and gets on the interstate. The officer easily could’ve pitted the Charger and stopped the chase, but without supervisor approval he just gets to follow behind and hope the suspect just pulls over.

With just one drive wheel getting full traction, the Mopar is able to punch above 90 mph. Eventually, the suspect gets off onto a surface street, hits another car, and then crashes into a fence. It’s a good thing that PIT policy exists so it kept the situation from getting dangerous. Had the cop pitted this guy out on the dead end or in the parking lot, that might’ve just been worse.

What do you think of PIT policies like the one New Mexico State Police have? Do they keep the public safe? Watch the video and let us know your thoughts on this chase.

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    If you’re sober and such, the checkpoints are annoying but that’s it….. Let’s not mention that checkpoints are a violation of our 4th amendment constitutional rights.

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