Shelby GT500 Engine Blows Up

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If you have enough money and technical know-how, or can hire someone with enough skills, you can dial an engine way past factory spec. The only problem is, as any experienced racer will tell you, the further you push the envelope, the more you’re courting a catastrophic failure. That’s exactly what happens with this Shelby GT500.

Watch a twin-turbo Shelby GT500 race a twin-turbo C8 Corvette here.

“Hey, let’s hear it!” a guy in another car on the highway shouts at the driver of the Shelby GT500 as they pull up alongside. If you drive a performance car, especially a muscle car, people will yell at you often if not constantly to rev the engine, etc. Usually you just ignore them, but this guy decided to do a hard pull and impress the kid.

Then we witness a man’s prized pony go up in smoke. We can’t tell right off the bat if the Shelby has been modified, but we wouldn’t be shocked to learn it is or rather was. What we do know is something got cooking other than the tires and the car started belching a trail of smoke behind it as the guy exited the highway.

Everyone has an opinion about what might have killed this GT500. Some thing it was deliberate, an insurance scam the guy really wanted caught on video for evidence because that makes so much sense (that’s sarcasm, by the way). Others think he hadn’t properly maintained the muscle car and so it failed due to negligence.

Thanks to knowledge gained through The Fast and Furious movies, we know it wasn’t nitrous oxide because those make cars blow up five feet into the air, almost like a couple sticks of dynamite.

“I think he just blew up his Mustang, mom,” the kid filming the video says.

“Is it supposed to do that?” the mom asks off camera.

And we’re dead.

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